ISM Southeast Michigan Roundtable Discussion

October 11, 2018
5:30 PM EDT - 7:30 PM EDT

Walsh College
3838 Livernois Rd
Troy, MI 48083
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Participate in casual networking and a facilitated round table discussion with fellow peers to delve into and discussion sourcing, procurement and supply chain challenges.  Roundtable discussions provide a forum for open interaction,
idea sharing and experience sharing.  There is no formal agenda, but there are specific topics.  Each table facilitator will lead and engage group members in an open discussion.

Key topics include:

  • What techniques have you used to ensure your suppliers are innovative and how have you held them accountable?
  • What are you currently doing to gain trust/build the bond with engineering/your stakeholders?
  • What techniques do you use to manage manufacturer price increases?
  • What supplier vetting techniques do you use to eliminate risk? Do you have a pre-qualification process?
  • How do you overcome connotations associated with generational and gender stereotypes when working in the sourcing & procurement field?
  • What Lean, Agile techniques have you incorporated into your RFP process? What advanced techniques, automation, advanced analytics or AI are you currently using within your RFP process?
  • Provide examples of how you drive quality with your manufacturers/suppliers and how you hold them accountable?
  • Provide and discuss examples of specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) that helped you better manage your supplier
  • What techniques have you used to eliminate back door selling?
  • How do you invest your time and efforts in building relationships across your industry and profession (in addition to ISM!) and your future plan do you have to expand your network and knowledge base
  • Discuss examples of gotchas you’ve experienced with Statements of Work.
  • What techniques do you use when negotiating price with a sole source supplier?
  • Discuss to what extend you believe procurement should be involved in vendor management? How does your organization work and what are the pros and cons?
Our Discussion Forum provides a great way for people with similar roles and interests, who live and work near each other, to meet and
share their successes and work together on solutions to common procurement challenges.


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